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VCSELs for Communications

High Data Rate VCSELs: Optical data communications systems for single mode fiber applications realize transmission speeds of 100 Gbps and 200 Gbps by modulating lasers at 25 Gbps or higher. These lasers require a high bandwidth and excellent single mode performance. Vertilas has developed high data rate lasers by optimizing the InP VCSEL design with a bandwidth up to 17 GHz, high max. optical power of 4 mW and a side mode suppression ratio (SMSR) of 40 dB. Single mode VCSELs for 1.3 µm and 1.55 µm have been demonstrated with a modulation performance of 25 Gbps to 50 Gbps. The graphs below show the electrical, optical, spectral and bandwidth parameters.


Download 10 Gbps VCSEL for 10GE Applications


Download Technology Brief: 1.3 µm InP VCSEL 40G NRZ and 106G PAM4