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Supervisory Board

Johannes Rabini

Johannes Rabini is Managing Partner at Sobera Capital. He entered the private equity business in 2001, joined Triginta Capital (an international private equity company) in 2003 and co-founded Sobera Capital in 2010.

Dr. Klaus Schulz

Dr. Klaus Schulz studied Mechanical Engineering at Technical High-School and Chemical Engineering at Technical University Berlin. He was former CTO and Head of Application, Innovation and Standards at MergeOptics. Dr. Schulz is co-founder of OpTecBB, a national and international action competence network and acts as a mentor of optical data-communication projects at TU Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Markus-Christian Amann (*1950, †2018)

Professor Dr.-Ing. Markus-Christian Amann (*1950, †2018), co-founder and former chair of the advisory board died tragically and unexpectedly on 23.11.2018. With a doctorate in electrical engineering, Dr. Amann began at the research department at Siemens AG and the University of Kassel then transfered the Technical University of Munich. Prof. Amann has been head chairman of the Semiconductor Technology Group at the Walter Schottky Institute since 1997 and has been working on the development of laser diodes and their applications, along with other projects. With his great expertise, Prof. Amann supported Vertilas in the development and success of the unique laser technology from the very beginning. His excellent support and friendly personality will be greatly missed.